All of our work is grounded in a strategic framework. Understanding the audience, the insights that inform the creative approach and the desired outcome are critical steps in delivering our world-class work. We provide full brand strategy and creative strategy services including research and insights, brand strategy and development, brand auditing and design.


Our creative work spans broadcast, digital marketing, social content and bespoke brand content projects that require brilliant ideas + experienced heads at the helm. Both Josh and Paul have held senior level creative roles in Australia and abroad and our commitment to delivering best-in-class creative solutions is second-to-none. We're on tap when you need us. Our eyes are on YOUR prize, not ours.


Our scalable business model means we operate lean with our regular clients when it comes to strategy and creative development, but when it comes time to produce the work, we scale as big as the job requires. We have travelled the world numerous times for iconic brands with large production units, and know how to get smaller budget productions quickly and cost-effectively with small crews. 

Qantas Safety Video 2020

Qantas Safety 2020

'Century of Safety'

We are proud to release the latest Qantas Safety Video 'A Century of Safety'. This has been without a doubt our most ambitious safety project since our first in 2016. We wound the clock back to 1920 and covered all the safety innovation that Qantas has brought to aviation across the ten decades to 2020. 

IHG Hotels + Resorts

IHG Hotels + Resorts

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Hotels never sleep. And working with our client IHG means we don't get to sleep much either when we're in campaign mode. We've had a great partnership with the global hotel network delivering digital marketing strategy and creative for the APAC and global markets.

Qantas Diversity Campaign

Qantas Diversity Campaign

'Stand Up for Equality'

We love that Qantas is prepared to take a stand on equality. And we love nothing more than a good challenge. We developed this campaign to help raise awareness for diversity and equality in Australia, working with Bernard Fanning to recreate the 80s classic hit 'Caravan of Love' to bring the feels to this epic production.

MACC Indigenous Road Safety Campaign

MACC Indigenous Road Safety Campaign

Featuring the Djuki Mala Dancers

What happens when you cross wild buffalos with a global dance group? You get the latest campaign for Indigenous road safety in the NT. Working with world renowned dance group Djuki Mala Dancers, we took on kangaroos, eagles, crocs and cyclonic winds to make this highly engaging campaign for MACC NT.

Dept Veterans' Affairs

Dept Veterans' Affairs

'#1MS' Campaign for Remembrance Day

Lest we forget. Unfortunately in Australia our younger generations are less aware and less engaged with the significance of one minute's silence on Remembrance Day. Our Facebook only campaign #1MS featured serving Army personnel, athletes, musicians and actors  was a huge success, exceeding all reach, engagement and sentiment expectations from the client. 

Club Marine Boating Insurance

Club Marine Boating Insurance

Reinventing the PDS

Nobody reads the PDS, right? Club Marine approach B+S to help them reinvent how they presented important policy information outside the traditional medium of PDS booklets. Our video series brought boating, jetskiing and sailing insurance to life in some of Australia's best boating locations. So now you can just watch the PDS and get on with enjoying the water!

MACC NT Speeding Campaign

MACC Speeding Campaign

'Reverse Speedo'

Young male drivers love to speed. But they don't like to think about the consequences of their driving behaviours. Following several focus group interviews, we realised we needed a hard-hitting TVC that helped young men realise that there's no future in speeding. Our creative idea was based on a speedometer needle going in reverse the faster the young man drove - representing the years per life rather than kilometres per hour. 

Flying Fox Society of Australia

Flying Fox Society of Australia

Brand development and launch

For Fox Sake! That was the campaign launch creative that helped get this NFP organisation off to a flying start. With a mission to help educate Australians on the importance of Flying Foxes, we devised the #FFS brand strategy and creative for launch, ensuring we captured the attention of younger audiences who will be the future guardians of these poorly understood champions of the forest.  

DC Power Campaign Launch

DC Power Co Brand Launch 

Go-to-market brand strategy and creative platform

There's a new power in town. It's a solar start-up business called DC Power Co. Brand+Story worked closely with the founders to develop the go-to-market strategy and creative, helping this new renewable energy brand create the most successful crowdfunding campaign ever seen on the Equitise platform.  

Our Approach to Storytelling

Brand+Story is a Sydney-based creative partnership that delivers world-class strategy, creative and production solutions for brands that have great stories to tell. Led by ex-agency partners Paul Chappell and Josh Whiteman, our hands-on, responsive and nimble approach means our clients get the best strategic and creative thinking with the accountability and leadership of agency partners.   

A World of Experience

Our work is predominantly for Australian clients. But that work often takes us around the world to capture stories that will resonate with audiences back home. From aspirational journeys to exploring the best the world has to offer, Brand+Story has the experience and know-how to make your content stand out from the rest. Cost effective productions, nimble processes, efficient crews, happy clients. Our focus is 100% on the process and the product.

The Power of Two

We believe the best stories are planned precisely and executed brilliantly, so we prefer to work with our clients from developing strategy and concepts though to production and distribution.

Our approach is 100% hands-on and accountable. When you engage Brand+Story, you have both Paul+Josh on your side from day one. We’re the guys who turn up to the pitch, the strategic and creative presentations, the film-set or stills shoot. When you call, we answer. 


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