Our Story

Brand+Story is a Creative Partnership between Paul Chappell + Josh Whiteman that connects brands with audiences via captivating stories.

We make Advertising Campaigns + TVCs + Video content  + Brand and Creative Strategies + Outdoor and Press + Documentaries + a mean Beef Rendang. 

Our work and experience extends across every part of the creative process, from strategy to production + execution, delivering an end-to-end collaboration which takes less time, less fuss and less cost.

We tend to let our work speak for itself so please click away.

We are:

Agile +
Strategically driven +
Focused on changing brand behaviour +
Working inside your Business +
Full service +
Available 24/7 +
The actual peeps who make the stuff.

We are not:

An advertising agency +
Sitting in a huge, fancy office +
Writing contact reports +
Pitching instead of working +
Turning up to meetings with 15 people.